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Committed to Ongoing Excellence and Improvement

Welcome to Eucalyptus Montessori, where quality isn't just a buzzword — it's the cornerstone of everything we do. While we operate on a for-profit model, our true mission is far richer: to create an outstanding educational and nurturing environment that benefits not just our children, but also their families and our staff.

Elevating Work Standards

We believe that quality education begins with quality educators. That's why our staff wage level is among the top range in the salary market for early childhood professionals. We pride ourselves on a robust staffing plan that exceeds both state and national requirements in staff-child ratio and Educator qualifications.


The majority of our Educators are full-time and our centre boasts a very low staff turnover rate. Where other centres cite low wages and poor conditions as turnover drivers, our team typically departs for reasons such as performance considerations, personal alignment with Montessori methods, or relocation. These conditions contribute to staff happiness and satisfaction, which impacts directly on the quality of education and care for children.

Consistency Families Can Count On

In an industry often beset by staff shortages and inconsistent care, we are steadfast in our commitment to mitigating the impact of staff shortages on our families. Our focus is on delivering a consistently high level of care, ensuring a dependable service that families can rely on. While this is the norm at Eucalyptus, many centres may have no choice but to make alternative arrangements such as applying for a waiver due to educator shortages.

Investing in Professional Growth

At Eucalyptus, we view education as a lifelong journey, a perspective that extends to both our children and the dedicated Educators who guide them. To provide authentic Montessori education, our team members are encouraged to undertake additional training, going above and beyond the basic qualifications mandated by the national regulatory body, ACECQA. We're proud to say that approximately 73% of our staff have embraced this opportunity, earning internationally recognised Montessori qualifications, all sponsored by the centre.


Since Eucalyptus was established, we've made significant investments in Montessori-specific professional development initiatives to continually nurture and support the professional growth of our staff. For us, continuous professional development isn't just an optional extra — it's woven into the very fabric of our culture.

Holistic Health, Sustainability and Physical Care


We supply cloth nappies and training pants that not only facilitate self-paced toilet learning but also lessen our ecological footprint. Similarly, our cleaning regimen uses primarily environmentally friendly materials. Adding a uniquely Australian touch, our children's sleeping mattresses are handmade locally and filled with natural, chemical-free tea tree flakes for added breathability. To ensure a consistently clean and safe environment, we employ our own dedicated cleaning staff who attend to the centre at the end of each day.


Nutritious, Fresh, and Homemade 

Food at Eucalyptus is more than a meal; it's an experience. Prepared on-site daily by our full-time professional chef, our meals are a blend of health, nutrition, and culinary diversity. Sourcing fresh groceries bi-weekly from local suppliers and premium brands, we put a strong emphasis on homemade quality and a rich array of ingredients that offer cultural representation. In this way, we don't just feed our children; we enrich their palates and broaden their horizons.

Premium Learning Materials

We don't compromise on the resources we use for education. We source the majority of our Montessori learning materials from internationally acclaimed providers like Nienhuis (Holland) and Gonzagarredi (Italy), guaranteeing that these carefully crafted, high-quality wooden resources contribute to authentic Montessori learning. Furthermore, we consciously minimise plastic usage, reserving it primarily for outdoor toys. In doing so, we're committed to creating an environment that marries educational excellence with sustainability.

Constantly Evolving Infrastructure

We continually reinvest in infrastructure improvements. Recent projects include a significant renovation of our approximately 200 sqm rear yard to facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor curriculum for children. Upcoming initiatives encompass modifications to our on-site car park in the short-term and main playground renovations in the mid-term. This continuous cycle of investment and renovation ensures that we're always striving to make Eucalyptus the best it can be.

By prioritising quality in every aspect of our operation, we aim to offer an unparalleled educational experience.

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