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Welcome to Eucalyptus Montessori, Early Learning Centre & Preschool in Canberra

Welcome to Eucalyptus Montessori. Established in 2017, Eucalyptus Montessori offers 3 unique long day care learning environments for children aged from 3 months to 6 years of age.


Reflecting the highest standards in early childhood programming, our dedicated and experienced staff are committed to providing stimulating learning environments that are geared towards the child - enabling them to proceed at their own pace in a non-competitive environment to explore, experiment and develop their love of learning.


Eucalyptus Montessori’s facilities have been specifically designed by a leading Australian architectural firm to draw upon the natural concepts of beauty, harmony, simplicity and order. The centre has been carefully planned to take full advantage of the self-motivation and unique learning abilities of all children. It provides children with the freedom to follow their natural tendencies towards independence, exploration, co-operation, order, repetition, imagination and communication.

All learning environment is equipped with underfloor heating, air purifier and air conditioning system.

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About Montessori

“Montessori education begins at birth and is an education for life.”


The Montessori approach to education aims for the fullest possible development of children, with the view to preparing them for life’s many rich experiences. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952), the approach maintains that:


- every child possesses an intrinsic drive to explore, to discover, to learn;

- in a stimulating environment the child will spontaneously engage in exploratory tasks;

- in doing so the child unconsciously constructs his own personality.


A truly educated individual continues learning long after the hours in the classroom because of motivation
from within and a natural curiosity and love of knowledge”To further explore the Montessori approach to education,
visit the
Montessori Australia website and watch examples of Montessori in action:

Eucalyptus Montessori History

Eucalyptus Montessori was established in 2017 following a lengthy planning and design process. The centre founders, Storm Chang and Crystal Chen worked intimately with architect Bruce Fisher to conceptualise the indoor and outdoor environments with a vision of light, airy and beautiful spaces to inspire learning and exploration. 


During Crystal’s studies in the UK, she began to be interested in Early Childhood Education and the Montessori philosophy in particular. After completing her Masters degree of Psychology, Crystal returned to China and she began to work in early childhood and sought training in Montessori education. She talked so much about Montessori to Storm that he became interested as well. 


Both Storm and Crystal then completed their Diploma of Montessori Education for the 0-3 age group, with trainer Maria Teresa Vidales (Cha Cha). Cha Cha was one of the first five 0-3 trainers with the Association Montessori Internationale and sits on the AMI board. Her passion and love of Montessori inspired Storm and Crystal to commence on a lifelong Montessori journey. 


Storm and Crystal first visited Australia in 2013. Their dream was to start a Montessori Early Childhood centre, and they began to look at existing sites and centres that could be adapted. 


A mutual friend introduced Storm and Crystal to Christine Harrison who is deeply invested in the Canberra Montessori community and was president of Montessori Australia Foundation at the time. She encouraged Storm and Crystal to consider Canberra as the location for a potential Montessori centre. Christine introduced them Bruce Fisher and they began to conceptualise a custom-built centre. They considered several sites around Canberra before settling on the Summerland Cct block. 


Construction of the centre commenced in 2016 and faced several delays before completion in mid-2017. Eucalyptus Montessori opened in September 2017 as the conclusion of a years long dream of founders Storm Chang and Crystal Chen. 


Contact Us

Eucalyptus Montessori

Address: 84 Summerland Circuit, Kambah ACT 2902


Opening hours: 7:45am - 5:45pm, Monday - Friday

(Christmas and New Year break: 24 Dec 2022 - 8 Jan 2023)


Phone: (02) 6231 6228

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